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Sanat Family, with its staff, aims at giving the quickest and the right answer to the demands and requirements of customers, providing services and products suitable for universal quality criters.

In this context; it intends to be the best in global market, to be permanent, respectable and innovative with its customers, shareholders, commercants and suppliers.

  • Respect for person is our basis principle.
  • Respect for effort is our indispensable principle.
  • Respect for environment and to protect the nature is our mission for the world and our country.
  • To reflect the resources on our act effectively and efficiently in men, the most important value for us, is our basis way for the constant quality and to be the best ever.
  • Customer satisfaction, to produce the continuous and permanent settlement with a developing quality concept for the demands and requirements of our customers with our products and services, to sustain to our products in every process is indispesable.
  • To annotate the flatware with the concept of modern innovative design, to submit healthy products appealing to your admiration with its aesthetic and to enable life with its functionality is our mission.
  • To be an institue renewed with the aim of continuous development and creating a value for the whole shareholders is the basis of our existence.
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