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Stoneware products, called like a stone-rock because of its stable and fastness structure, are assembled in a spesific composing of healthy raw materials considerate to the nature, are produced by dried in kiln around 1200 oC and over, are high resistant for heat shocks mechanically, have low-porosity, do not absorbe the water, are tight and healthy.

  • It has a healthy component excluding heavy metals.
  • It could be cleaned easily.
  • It is tasteless and scentless.
  • It resists mechanically and has high level strength.
  • It is stable for heat shocks.
  • It is anti-septic through not absorbing water component.
  • It is washable.
  • It has a spesific aesthetics although it is not transparent.
  • It could be used in microwave oven and deep-freezer.
  • It conserves the heat of your food temporarily.
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