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Basic principles of Sanat Toprak Products Inc. is summarized in quality policy points.

Our managament affirms and subscribs all of quality policy points. For the continuance of our quality, to fulfill the demands of total quality management system.

To provide forming the new product and to increase manufacturing efficiency in accordance with the continuous development principle by following international technology.

To be the best stoneware flatware and trinket producer in its own international sector with low-cost production without compromising the quality by taking the aim at alternating and developing demands and expectation of our customers.

To produce according to the standards presented in our sector. To become the leader establishment collaborating with our staff, customers, companions and suppliers in the sector, in accordance with a common resposibility, with its quality and sensibility for environment and people.

To provide the required education for our staff recognising the success is the result of the education and teamwork.

As Sanat Toprak Products Inc., to furnish a better world for the next generations by manufacturing stoneware flatware and trinket, our policies are; To obey the current environmental lesiglation and to usher on its development.

To modify, plan, overview, actualize and improve the environmental purposes and goals consistently and periodically.

To get our stuff and suppliers to accept the environmental sensitivity as life philosophy.

To minimise the energy and natural resources commited in manufacturing and activity process by using them effectively.

To work on appraised the recycled waste materials. Not only being a passive non-polluting side but also being an active conservation-minded side.

Sanat Toprak Products Inc. is aware that the most important investment is the investment on the staff, while trading the stoneware flatware and trinket; to provide the occupational safety and health, to redevelop the field of activity and working conditions are our basis purpose.

In accordance with this purpose; We will obey all legal order clauses and regulations related to the current Occupational Safety and Health criters.

During our process, we will provide to get the staff to become conscious by educating them about risks and protection methods which is ascertained in every single detail.

By providing a complete participation of the staff, we will get the goal of "zero" occupational accident and "zero" occupational disease.

With the proud of being the first institue having the OHSAS 18001 certificate, we will obey the requirements constituted for Occupational Safety and Health criters to continue the leadership in the stoneware flatware and trinket manufacturing sector.

We will work for increasing our life quality by maintaining the slogan, a pleasant working environment for a pleasant life.

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